Our new building is nearing completion!

Top: Rendering of new building.
Groundbreaking ceremony June, 2017. (Left to right) Max Paine, Susan Bartlett, Max Neal, Jason McArthur, Board Chair; Kevin Kelley, President/CEO; Linda Greaves, Valerie Valcour, and Rich Jacobs.

In keeping with our core value, responsible stewardship of resources, CHSLV’s new building will provide accessible, patient-centered quality care. Our new building, in close proximity to Copley Hospital on Washington Highway, plants the seed of our vision of a healthy future for our community.

The building will provide the space and facilities needed to work the particular brand of magic performed by our current professionals, and will help to draw additional qualified professionals to the area, making a significant positive impact on the people we serve.

CHSLV is at a crossroads as it strives to provide high quality, accessible, and patient-centered health care services to our community; however, we know the path forward.

CHSLV’s newest challenge targets its continuous improvement. The need is well-established and the answer is obvious: build a centrally-located, accessible Health Care Center of Excellence (HCCE) that will facilitate CHSLV’s capability to provide even more
robust services to address the wide spectrum of medical and behavioral health needs of our patients; an HCCE for patient-centered professional care that will accommodate the growing number of patients. Opportunities for cost efficiencies will exist, pooling of resources, shared services, and elimination of redundant systems only serve to make this an even more value-rich project.

Construction of CHSLV’s new office building is approaching completion, and practices will start to move in this winter. The exterior is complete, the interior sheetrock is installed, electricity is in the works, the parking lot’s base coat has been laid, and the finish coat will go down in the spring. Appleseed Pediatrics is on schedule to be the first to move in on February 16, followed by Morrisville Family Health Care and the Neurology Clinic. See progress photos of building construction.

Plans for the medical facility include 103 parking spaces, accommodations for 49 employees at any given time, a basement with a break room, conference room, work-out facility, and showers.

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Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley (CHSLV) is funded in part through a grant from the U.S. Health and Human Services Administration and generous community support. CHSLV is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233