Ekaterina (Katia) Hamidzadeh, DMD, joins Community Dental Clinic

Ekaterina (Katia) Hamidzadeh, DMD, a.k.a. Dr. H., joined the Community Dental Clinic in Morrisville mid-October, and will be seeing new patients as well as taking over the patients of Dr. Bratt, who departed for NYC to be closer to family.

Hamidzadeh hails from a rural area near Moscow, Russia, where all types of health care resources, including dental, were limited. She was inspired to become a dentist after enduring traumatic dental experiences as a child.

Hamidzadeh likes variety, and that is why she chose general dentistry rather than a specialty. She says the most important aspect to dental care is regular check-ups. Next comes a good diet, especially for children, whose teeth and mouths are developing. She just says “No” to Soda, which has so much sugar and acid that it dissolves teeth.

Before moving to Lamoille County, Hamidzadeh worked at a private practice in Jacksonville, Fla. Her husband is an active-duty military dentist based in Georgia. As a family they decided to move to Stowe because it offered the lifestyle and family values they sought, as well as the opportunity to serve the community.

Hamidzadeh is looking forward to settling in Lamoille Valley. “I’m very excited to become a member of this community and I hope it will become my forever home.”

Dr. Hamidzadeh is accepting new patients.
Call for an appointment: 802-888-7585

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