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The Dental Clinic has a CO2 laser for use in a wide range of dental applications. CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser technique replaces the need for incisions by cauterizing the soft tissue, so there is little to no bleeding. Lasers allow for a much cleaner procedure and can eliminate the need for sutures. Healing time is faster and there is less post-operative pain. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1990s. A CO2 laser penetrates less than a millimeter and can produce excellent coagulation along with a very precise cut. CO2 lasers can be used for

various types of periodontal therapy, such as soft tissue applications, tissue re-contouring, and for crown and bridge procedures. They are helpful in some endodontic procedures as well, and in uncovering partially erupted teeth. They can also be used in biopsy techniques. A CO2 laser is a time saver. It is faster than using a scalpel and is overall a much cleaner procedure. For more information on how lasers can be used in your dental procedures, contact the Community Dental Clinic at 802-888-7585 and schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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